Oncotarget: Read All About It!

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed publication. It is published every week. In it a reader will find the latest discoveries resulting from numerous scientific research on oncology and various other medical-related topics. Its parent is Impact Journals.

The Oncotarget put out its premiere article approximately seven years ago. The Oncotarget has since grown to become a source of publication for literally thousands of peer-reviewed articles. The articles are reported to be generally insightful and are all published in the international language of English and more information click here.


Why English?

This decision was made by management in order to ensure that a significantly sizeable part of the planet’s population could read all of the articles. The Oncotarget is officially classified as an “open-access journal.” This basically means that any research scientist or research group involved in scientific research has, in theory, the chance to use this research journal.


The Oncotarget Team

Internet sources indicate that Oncotarget’s founders are dedicated, talented, and qualified. They are also reported to have a significant reputation for their research as well. Oncotarget is headed up by the two chief editors professor Mikhail Blagoskloklonny and professor Andre V. Gudkov and learn more about Oncotarget.


Oncotarget’s Chief Editors

Oncotarget’s pair of chief editors are respected, popular professors at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute found in Buffalo, New York. Gudkov has actually made noteworthy contributions in the field of cancer therapy and treatment, especially when it comes to molecular targets and the discovery of medications. Blagosklonny himself wrote over 250 scientific articles in several peer-reviewed journals.


Submissions And Statistics

The publication’s staff ensures that each submission that is accepted for publication meets a set of high standards concerning qualitative and educational value. In its first year of publication, Oncotarget had an impact factor (IF) of 4.78 and was seen by readers in 493 cities and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

In 2013 Oncotarget was actually registered as receiving the “highest impact factor” of 6.727. Furthermore, it increased its overall circulation to over 30,000 cities. The general reception of the Oncotarget has now multiplied by nearly 100 times since its launch and https://oncotarget.msubmit.net/cgi-bin/main.plex.

Life Line Screening and its Benefits to Health and Life

A report issued by the Centre for Diseases Control as well as Prevention indicates that approximately 2.6 million individuals lose their lives to misdiagnosed diseases in the United States of America. Approximately seven out of possibly ten deaths are caused by chronic diseases that could have been prevented through early diagnosis. Although death, as well as disease, cannot be avoided, there is a preventive platform for life threatening diseases given the modern treatment channels. That comes with taking care of an individual’s health through proper management. Towards this end, Life Line Screening has been receiving positive reviews concerning its input to offering preventive measures when it comes to providing early diagnosis and read full article.



Life Line Screening was established with the understanding that everyone is different. There is also a clear knowledge of a particular set of risk factors that can affect health. Although every individual can benefit from the health screening, some tests are more vital compared to others. This is because such tests offer more insight on the progress of the disease. Life Line Screening is objective towards identifying tests that are more crucial as well as beneficial to the health of the patient. These tests are conducted based on the age of the patient, medical history, overall health as well as the family history of the patient. The comprehensive program of Life Line Screening offers a variety of tests and Life Line Screening on Facebook.



Life Line Screening was established in 1993. The founders are Colin Scully as well as Timothy Philips. Since then, the company has extended its operations across the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom. In 1998, Life Line Screening had extended its screening services across the United States of America by covering over 500,000 individuals. Life Line Screening offers blood tests through the screening services. It also provides a broad range of complete cholesterol checkups, diabetes as well as inflammation. Under the leadership of Andrew Manganaro, Life Line Screening has catered for more than 1 million patients every year. Some of the diseases that can be detected by Life Line Screening include peripheral arterial disease, abdominal as well as atrial fibrillation and learn more about Life Line Screening.

More Visit: http://www.naifa.org/practice-resources/prp/lifeline-screening

MB2 Dental Solutions Finds The Right Recipe For Success To Realize Accelerated Growth

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the most renowned general dental practitioners in Texas. He has amassed more than nine years’ experience in general dentistry practice as well as dental management. Dr. Reddy received his bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from the University of the Pacific. He then went on to receive his DDS in Dentistry from the same institution at their acclaimed School of Dentistry. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: https://www.sharecare.com/doctor/dr-akhil-reddy

Dr. Reddy has accumulated an impressive record of work experience. He currently operates as a general dental practitioner at several affiliated dental partner offices for MB2 Dental Solutions around Texas. These include Picasso Dental and Bliss Dental. He also serves as the current director of dental services provided Just Health 510.

He is also an accredited dental partner with West Lovers Dental. It is clear that Dr. Reddy works with some of the leading dental practices in Texas. Their success can be attributed to his top-quality dental work, impressive customer and aftercare services, and his prolific partnership with MB2 Dental Solutions.

Who is MB2 Dental?

According to Crunchbase, MB2 Dental Solutions is a firm that provides dentists with management and practice development services. This allows affiliated dental practices to stop stressing about the operational aspects of their service, and instead focus on their patients.

Founded by dentist Dr. Chris Villanueva in 2009, MB2 Dental was launched in response to the problems many Texan doctors faced related to the sole and group practice models. The company has been successful in its approach and has since added more than 70 affiliate dental practices to their network. The firm operates in from six states, including Texas, New Mexico, Alaska, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

MB2 Dental’s affiliate partners can take advantage of this network to learn, mentor others, and get information on new career opportunities. They are also provided with a wide range of services that enable them to run their practices more efficiently without having to sacrifice patient care standards.

These partner clinics retain 100 percent clinical autonomy. Further, MB2 Dental provides them with help and advice on various questions covering dental accreditation, regulatory and tax compliance, business development, recruitment and staffing, sales and marketing, technology, procurement, accounting, and career training.

For MB2 Dental Solutions, the heart of any dental practice is professional patient care and exceptional service provision in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Their dedication to this ethos may explain the fast growth of their network as well as of their affiliated partner offices.