Adam Milstein Talks About The Israeli-American Identity

Adam Milstein discussed the Israeli-American identity in an article published in the Jerusalem Post’s op-ed section in 2016. In that article Adam Milstein mentioned that until about a decade ago, there was no Israeli-American identity. Jews that were born in Israel but living in the United States had two identities. They considered themselves both Israelis and Americans but not both at the same time.

Furthermore, Adam Milstein says that such Jews living in Israel always had their suitcases packed. They were expecting to eventually move back to Israel instead of settling down and building a community in the United States. This was also despite the fact that many such Israeli Jews in the United States had kids who were born and raised in America. Some of these Jews even had grandkids here and they were still thinking about going back to Israel.

Such an attitude weakened the Jewish community says Adam Milstein. It made Israeli Jews in the USA isolated. Instead of joining community groups, going to synagogues and interacting with their American Jewish counterparts, the Israeli Jewish community lived apart. This was not good says Mr. Milstein.

Fortunately, there was a way to stop the isolation and help integrate Israeli Jews into the mainstream Jewish society in America. Adam Milstein helped to create the IAC or Israeli-American Council to bring Israeli Jews living in the United States together the nation. The organization also helped integrate them into the existing American Jewish community, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

The goal of the Israeli-American Council was to strengthen the entire Jewish community in the United States by bringing Israeli-Americans and Jewish Americans together. When these groups of Jews work together to promote Jewish values and the state of Israel the effects are much greater and much more far reaching. Thanks to the works of the IAC and leaders such as Adam Milstein, the Jewish community is now stronger and more influential than ever, and

The Israeli-American Council has come a long way since its founding by Mr. Milstein. The organization now has regional councils across the country and helps promote what Milstein calls Israeliness in the Jewish community of America. This Israeliness helps strengthen the bond between the Jewish people in the United States and in the historic homeland of Israel in the Middle East, and

Extensive Business Research and Projects of Kerrisdale’s Sahm Adrangi

Investor Sahm Adrangi established the firm Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and has been serving as its Chief Investment Officer. The CFO went into creating the investment firm with only a million, but currently, the company is a manager of more than a $150 million, learn more about Sahm Adrangi.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is known for his extensive publishing research and short selling. He has shared the vast views of Kerrisdale Capital Management on overhyped shorts, under-followed longs, and other types of stocks. The company also strives to educate people on some of the misunderstood parts os stocks. In fact, the company has a strong emphasis on correcting these misconceptions.

The founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management Mr. Sahm Adrangi is famous for exposing companies that have committed fraud many of which have been Chinese corporations. Mr. Sahm Adrangi exposed a number of such businesses in 2010 and 2011. Many of the detected companies have then become a subject to the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission which had taken actions to clear the businesses.

Over the past five years, Kerrisdale Capital Management has been focusing on specific industries instead of doing all-around reports. That way the firm has managed to gain expertise in its fields of choice including the biotech sector, the mining sector, and the telecommunication sector. Kerrisdale Capital Management has published a vast number of reports on a variety of companies working in those industries. Some of those companies include Sage Therapeutics and Bavarian Nordic of the biotech sector, First Majestic Silver and Northern Dynasty Mineral f the mining sector, and Straight Path Communications and Dish Network of the telecommunication sector, to name a few.

Other than publishing research the investor and CFO has taken on activism in several investment projects. He worked together with the Lindsay Corporation to optimize several financial functions of the company such as its capital allocation policies and cash deployment. Both his side-projects with other corporations and his research has been featured in popular publications. The investor has also established himself as a speaker and has been invited to speak at conferences,

Mr. Sahm Adrangi has an affinity for academics and has a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Yale University, majoring in Economics, and

U.S. Money Reserve Raises More Than $215,000 in Partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

U.S. Money Reserve recently expressed its support for Hurricane Harvey victims by partnering with Austin Disaster Relief Network. The two institutions managed to raise $219,622. This money is for setting up a relief initiative that ensures victims of the terrifying hurricane get necessities. It is set to help affected people from the Texas Gulf Coast region. U.S Money Reserve is a reputable distributor of valuable metals operating from its Texas-based offices.


The firm’s CEO, Angela Koch, said that U.S. Money Reserve felt compelled to provide financial support to the affected Texans. Koch also pointed out that the disaster led to damages to assets that require lots of resources to build. The CEO said that it is the patriotic duty of U.S Money Reserve to offer support to the affected people. In reference to her comments, the company was proud to collaborate with Austin Disaster Relief Network and help in the recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims.


As a non-profit organization, Austin Disaster Relief Network carries out its charitable activities through over 175 Great Austin churches and trained volunteers. Regardless of the intensity of a disaster, the organization usually mobilizes church members to provide help. The organization’s executive director, Daniel Geraci, praised U.S Money Reserve for its financial support. He also mentioned that his organization meets financial demands of disasters through such support.


Hurricane Harvey caused flooding in Houston that forced over 30,000 to be homeless. The disaster, which occurred on August 25, 2017, is a Category 4 hurricane. It resulted in heavy rains and separation of the landfall. Reports suggest that one-third of the terrain in Houston was under water.


About U.S. Money Reserve


U.S. Money Reserve is a privately-owned and operated company dealing in the distribution of government-issued precious metals. These precious metals include platinum, silver, and gold. Since 2001, the company’s distribution efforts enabled it to be among the leading private distributors of legal tender products in the United States. The company serves clients who intend to diversify their wealth with precious metals.


To serve clients diligently, U.S Money Reserve relies on its coin research and numismatic experts. These experts use their knowledge of the market to enable precious metal buyers to get high profits. The company strives for superior customer service. Its service delivery goal is to establish long-term relationships with all customers. The company works towards this goal from its head office in Austin, TX. It also maintains its social media presence through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Learn more: