The Changes that Securus Technologies has effected in the Correctional Facilities

The correctional facilities in the country have been the center of controversy for some reasons. There was a time when there was an outcry over the deplorable living conditions in some of them. In 2015, the system came under fire because making phone calls to friends and family in the system was charged at exorbitantly high fees compared to the rest of the country. A lot of reforms have since taken place in the sector, and the companies which can be commended for effecting these changes are among others, Securus Technologies.


Securus was established in 1986. It has been operational for the past three decades, and throughout this time, they have been working closely with the criminal justice system, especially the correctional facilities. Their main aim was to ensure that the facilities are transformed into a friendlier space than just a room with a bed. They also wanted to end clichés that are associated with the systems, such as being a hotbed of crime. Ever since the company introduced video monitoring systems in the facilities, the crime rates have gone down. Also, because the telephone services are heavily monitored, the organization of illegal activities such as sneaking weapons and other things used to commit crimes in the facilities has gone down.


Their company has been making this and many other moves in an attempt to improve service delivery within the criminal justice system. They have organized mergers, acquisitions, and other business deals to help them reach inmates. Currently, they serve more than 2,200 correctional facilities across the country. They believe that even though the criminal justice system is a matter which needs to be revisited from time to time, the facilities are better than they were at the start. CEO Rick Smith says that they will continue rolling out products and services which maximize the positive experiences of their users.


An Overview of the Successful Career and Business Endeavors of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a reputable figure in the business circles. His prominence in the field is owed to his jack-of-all-trades attribute, as he is a businessman, author, entrepreneur and a renowned blockchain evangelist. In fact, he comes from the family behind the inception of Harrison & Sons, which De La Rue purchased in 1997.

For several years, Harrison has contributed significantly to CoinSpeaker as a writer. He has created a name for himself at the site for various stories including The End of CoinDesk’s proxy Index. In other roles, Daniel Mark Harrison worked for Marx Rand as the editor in chief. He has also volunteered as a columnist for several companies including Additionally, Harrison is the author of books such as The Millennial Reincarnations.

Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison has undoubtedly proven to be a successful individual judging from his endeavors. He is prominently known for heading Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. in the capacity of chief executive officer and chairperson. The company’s operations and workstations are based in several locations in Asia including Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. is the leading shareholder of House of Harrison Plc, a UK-based real estate developer with more than 1,500 customers in Asia.

Away from Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., Harrison holds the position of managing partner at a Blockchain financing company, Monkey Capital. The company is known for investing in SpaceX supply contracts and Blockchain systems. Aside from business matters, Daniel Mark Harrison is a renowned writer who has written numerous articles over the years. His business experience and knowledge have seen him appear on various business news channels like Bloomberg and Reuters just to mention a few. He has also written a few books.

Although Daniel Mark Harrison has spent a considerable part of his life in Asia, he has lived in numerous parts of the world like the USA, Europe, and Scandinavia. For his higher education, he attended the St Peter’s College, Oxford for his BA in Theology for one year. Later on, Harrison joined the BI Norwegian Business School for his MBA. Harrison’s academic record did not end there, as he joined the New York University for a Master’s degree in Journalism.

Louis Chenevert and his Impressive Accomplishments as the Leader of UTC

Louis Chenevert is the previous chairman, CEO, and president of UTC. Under his leadership, the organization looked into, created and made excellent edged innovative items in different regions, for example, aviation frameworks and flying machine motors. It likewise completed contemplates in lifts and elevators, mechanical objects and frameworks, fire, as well as safety. He was additionally co-leader of P&WC. He solidly trusts that an organization putting resources into the most recent innovation can give it a focused edge.

In 1993, Louis joined United Technologies Corporation P&W motor business; he gave an approach to pick up on a piece of the overall industry for the parent organization. Having been selected as president in 2006, a period when the American economy was at its most minimal point, he drove the assembling structure to noteworthy accomplishments.

With an administration establishment, United Technology Corporation collects the most progressive fly motors on the planet. Of the considerable number of manifestations of UTC, Louis Chenevert is most satisfied by a Geared Turbofan motor since it has an immense leap forward in the flying business because of its fuel effectiveness and lessened motor clamor and outflows. He spent almost two decades supporting and championing that task.

Different accomplishments by Louis in his initiative at United Technologies Corporation incorporate; procuring Goodrich P&WC immerged winner of campaigning fight that enabled it to wind up plainly the primary provider of, F-35 motor for the Fighter Strike Joint. Moreover, P&WC was additionally permitted full business control of the current organization together and different choices.

The GTF motor was undertaking the P&WC as driving players in the tight body fly motor market, a position where UTC had not been since 1980. Amid his administration, UTC figured out how to maintain a strategic distance from cutbacks of specialists by moving them from minimal effort district to Connecticut, where the organization would get the adaptability of applying their aptitudes in military and business markets.

Louis likewise is an Executive Committee of Business Roundtable member. He is also an America – India co-leader assembly member and serves as the manager of Cargill and conventional Medal of righteousness Foundation. He currently works at Goldman Sachs.

Waiakea Water – Naturally Quenching Thirst

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic is a water company that aims at introducing the first ever fully degradable bottles on the market. They believe that degradable container will reduce 98% lifespan of bottles. They have a high technology method that has the potential of changing the way CPG industry in the worldview and approach packaging.

The Waiakea bottle uses TimePlast, and it is 100% recyclable making it the only patented addictive in the market with plastic Nano-degradation. The new material used to make this bottle takes the lifespan of water plastics down from 1500 years to at least 15 years says Waiakea President.

Waiakea boosts to be the first company globally to use bottles with time last Nano-addictive materials that are 100% made from recyclable containers. According to Ryan Emmons, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea, the main reason they decide to come up with their invention is that they had ways of simplifying the plastic molecular level and degrading of the chemical found in the manufacturing of plastics sequentially accelerating their natural process. He said that Waiakea turns the polymer plastic material to a carbon-based wax that is degradable.

Waiakea offers healthy and sustainable water that comes directly from the hills of Hawaii, according to Ryan Hawaii offers one of the purest, natural, healthy and sustainable water. The water comes from a primary source in the southwest of the Hawaii Big Island town of Hilo, and it’s sourced from a single spring. The Waiakea water has a PH ranging from 7.8 to around 8.8 making it pure, purified and naturally alkaline.

Waiakea has sustainable packaging that is renewable that is certified by the worlds Carbon Neutral; it’s also done of high-grade and recycled polyethylene that is 100 percent terephthalate. The Waiakea bottles use less energy in manufacturing reducing the carbon emission, and the bottles are also BPA free.

The Waiakea volcanic Hawaii is listed as the top best water globally and uses the natural powers of Hawaii volcanoes to generate its incredible water bottles. Apart from the company‘s additional natural minerals and fast bottling process, it also boasts of revolving around happy customers and reliable water.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: How Dentistry Can Solve Sleep Problems Such as Sleep Apnea

Unlike the general perception that sleep is secondary to work, medical experts say that sleeping is as essential to human as work is. The health repercussions that arise from lack of enough sleep are many and serious to be ignored. Besides that, some consequences affect a person’s social life such as having unexplainable mood swings. Sleep apnea specialists like Dr. Avi Weisfogel have made huge investments, both in time and resources, in educating people on the benefits of getting enough sleep. The renowned doctor treats people who suffer from sleep apnea through dentistry.

Treating Sleep Apnea through Dentistry

Among the people placed at a higher risk of suffering from sleep apnea are the overweight, particularly because of having excess fat interfering with their pathways. As a result, they often get irregular pauses in their breathing as they sleep. After visiting Avi’s clinic, such people are not only treated but also advised to work-out and reduce body fats. A good number of patients, however, do not recognize the need of being attended by a dentist like Dr. Avi because they think that sleep apnea is a disorder best treated by any other physician. What they do not comprehend is that the solution to their problems lies squarely on dentistry.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist on a mission to kick sleep apnea out. He is trained as a dentist, but after practicing for a while, he realized that his services were needed in the cure of sleep apnea. According to him, dentistry can do more than just fix dental problems- This was the fundamental reason for embarking on his current venture. Secondly, in his admission, working as a dentist was not his ultimate dream, a key reason that made him abandon the practice. To get his goals on course, he established the Dental Sleep Masters Program through which he treats people.

About Avi

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a professional medical practitioner. His days in the profession stretches back to more than two decades ago and has exhibited high levels of commitment to duty. He currently practices under his clinic, Old Bridge Dental Care.

Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Weisfogel is a renowned philanthropist, a committed entrepreneur, and an enthusiastic sportsman.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and his Career in Brazilian Law

One of the most popular industries in Brazil is the legal sector as students have been taking up law more and more. As a result, Brazil has many bright examples to offer including lawyers and entrepreneurs such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and read full article.

This attorney is an excellent example of making a successful career as a lawyer in Brazil. The way that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has paved for himself has inspired many of the rising lawyers in Brazil. He started his career working at a few law firms until he realized that he could be achieving so much more if he would take his professional establishment in his own hands. As a result, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho quit his current job and pursued a startup law firm.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho started collaborating with two other lawyers in order to create one of the largest law firm in Brazil at present times. The law firm was called after its founders- Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The firm took off quickly, and it gained a lot of attention and respect in the field of law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho invested a lot of his time and efforts into establishing the law firm as one of the leaders in the country. He is responsible for most of the firm’s success and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

Over the year, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has done research and practised in many of the fields of law. Some those field include commercial law, election law, civil law, as well as areas such as bankruptcy, credit recovery., acquisition review, banking contracts, administrative law, and many other areas and fields of the discipline.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho achieved his higher education Law from the McKenzie University. After that, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also took an extension course in Business Administration from the same academic institution and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

Other than handling a law firm and practising law, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also heavily involved in writing. He has been a co-author of a bestselling book called Th Trial f the Tiradentes and has published a number of articles as well and